Buying Guide

What makes Puckator Wholesale EU a good choice to partner with?

Whether you are a first time customer or have been ordering with us for a while, there is some important info you might like to know about our products when ordering from us.

  • 1000s of products to choose from.
  • Low minimum order quantities.
  • Tiered pricing structure.
  • Live stock levels.
  • Recommended retail prices.
  • Delivery dates for out of stock products.
  • Access prices in just 30 seconds!

Quick and easy access to prices

In order to access all our prices and features, you just need to sign up. It only takes 30 seconds and you just need your email address and to choose a secure password to log in with.  You'll then have full access to our products, prices and site features.

Please click here to access our prices and enter the world of Puckator!

Can I request specific colours or designs when there is an assortment available?

A large number of our products are available in mixed colours, styles and designs under the same product code.  This gives us greater scope to offer you and your customers the best choice available.  When you order an item with a range of designs, our warehouse team will always aim to give you an equal mix of the colours or designs available.

Sometimes when items are getting low in stock, or if we have had an uneven mix from our supplier, you might receive a less even mix of designs.  If you would like us to let you know before dispatching an order that this has happened, then please add a note when you place your order.

When products are available as a mixture of styles, unfortunately we cannot select specific designs.  If we find a mixed item has a certain colour that is going really well or seems to be more popular, then we may consider ordering it under an individual code.  We are always looking for information on products like this so if you have a popular colour or design that you think might do well as a single code then drop our buying team an email here.

What order quantities do I have to order and are there any enforced quantities?

One of the great things about Puckator is the low minimum quantity on a lot of our products.  Approximately 75% of our product range can be ordered in singles.  Combine this with our low minimum order value of just €150 ex vat, and you can get a huge variety of products in your store without having to hold huge amounts of stock.

The other 25% of our range will have an enforced order multiple which you can see in the quantity box when viewing products.  When adding to your cart the website will automatically round up to match the multiple of the product if you enter a quantity that doesn't match the enforced.  Even on the products that have an order multiple, you will still find most of them are small and you won't have to order a huge quantity.

Why are there 3 price tiers?

Once you have signed up with us, you will see our very competitive 3 tier price structure - so the more you order, the better price you get.  This price structure is based on quantity ordered - with the lowest price available when you order in carton quantities.  

The middle price gives you that little bit extra off without having to order a lot more.  When we offer discount and sale promotions the offers apply to all prices, plus we also offer a price match guarantee.  You can find more information on the price guarantee by clicking here.

How do I know what's in stock?

Our products have a live stock level which is updated continuously throughout the day.  When you order it does not reserve the stock for you, but the stock levels will adjust as the order is processed.  If you would like to know if any items go out of stock before your order is processed then please add a note when placing your order.

How do I know when items are coming back into stock?

For out of stock products that have been re-ordered, there is a delivery due date listed on the site.  This is an estimated date and can sometimes change due to shipping delays, but it is very useful to see when products are expected to return to the store.

If you have an item that is due in soon but you don't want to keep checking back to see when its arriving then you can tick our "Notify via email when back in stock" button which is available on all of our out of stock or coming soon products.  Once ticked, just sit back and the website will notify you when stock is available.

What are recommended retail prices?

If you need guidance on what to sell a product for, we show an RRP (recommended retail price) for every product.  It's calculated by taking the standard wholesale price (excluding vat) and multiplying it by 2.35.  It's that simple and it's an industry standard multiple.  

By using this calculation you can see the price the item should sell for.  The RRP can be found on each product page when you are logged in.

If you have any questions about the above information then please email our products team here.

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