Delivering to Amazon Fulfilment

What is Amazon Fulfilment?

Amazon Fulfilment, or FBA, is a solution offered by Amazon that lets you access the benefits of their network.  This includes easy selling and Prime Delivery, which help you reach more customers, increase sales and develop your product range.  You send them the goods, and they handle the rest including storage, delivery, returns and customer service.

Does Puckator Sell Directly on Amazon?

No.  Puckator EU does not sell directly on Amazon, however, we work with many customers who do.  On Amazon, products are identified by barcodes, also known as an EAN.  The barcodes on the products we sell are all 13 characters long, and the first 8 are unique to Puckator.  That means our products are branded as Puckator when they are uploaded to Amazon.

Working with Puckator and Amazon Fulfilment is Easy

Amazon is already established in many European countries and is expanding its network every year.  We can deliver from our European Distribution centre into any Amazon hub across Europe.

This is how it works:

  1. Place your order - Place your order on our EU website and pay at checkout.  Please enter your address information for the invoice address, then enter the Amazon fulfilment centre in the delivery address field.  If you are waiting for the address from Amazon, don't worry, just add a note that the order will be going to Amazon and you will confirm the address shortly.
  2. Add a note - In the notes box at checkout, add a note to let our order processing team know that the order is for Amazon.  This is so our team process your order in the correct way with our European warehouse.
  3. We will contact you - Our customer service team will contact you regarding your order to ask specific questions about labels and packaging.  This information must be provided before the order can be processed.
  4. We will send you packing information - We have a dedicated team that deals with Amazon orders in our warehouse.  They know how to pack the orders correctly and they provide the measurements and weights of the boxes that our team will then pass on to you.  We will email you when the order has been packed with all this information so that you can then produce the Amazon labels.  Please do not create the labels until you have heard from us.
  5. Send over your Amazon labels - Once the order is packed and we have provided you with the number of boxes and box information, you can then complete the dispatch on your Amazon portal and send over your Amazon labels.  We will then send this to the warehouse to apply to the boxes along with the normal dispatch labels from the courier.  The boxes will then be collected by the courier and delivered to Amazon.

Delivering to Amazon

Amazon Fulfilment centres are appearing across Europe and we already deliver to many of them.  

Couriers only deliver to Amazon on a weekday, Monday to Friday, and do not deliver on a Saturday.

Outer Carton Packaging and Labelling

Any delivery sent to Amazon must have unique carton labels created at the point of dispatch by the Amazon seller.  We will contact you once your order is packed with full details on the items packed in each box, along with the weight and dimensions of the box.  When you have completed your shipment on the Amazon portal send us the labels as a PDF and we will print them and apply them to your boxes before dispatch.  

If you are interested in creating bespoke product bundles for Amazon please get in touch with our customer service team to discuss the options.

Product Packaging and Labelling

At Puckator we also offer individual labelling and packaging for selected products.  This is a great way to offer more to Amazon and make your products stand out.  Additional packaging and labelling carries a surcharge which is charged on a product-by-product basis depending on the amount of packaging and time involved.

We contact all customers when we receive an order for delivery to Amazon to clarify any special packing requirements before the goods are picked and packed.

  • Product Labelling

If you require bespoke Amazon labels, once you have sent over the template our team will print the appropriate size labels and apply them to the most suitable location on the product.  Some items can be too small to have an Amazon label applied but we will inform you if this is the case.  The minimum charge for product labelling is 10% of the product price.  Example: If you are ordering a product that costs £1.00 ex VAT, then the minimum labelling charge would be 10p per product + VAT.

  • Additional Product Packaging

Amazon has recently introduced new requirements for fragile items, asking for suppliers to add additional plastic bubble wrap.  Products such as mugs and ceramic items are included in this.  If you require additional protective packaging added to your product there will be a minimum charge of 10% of the item cost per product + VAT. 

  • Product Repacking

If you require items to be packed individually or into sets, then this also carries a surcharge.  As this is bespoke and varies based on the product, and additional time and packaging involved, the extra cost is on an order-by-order basis.  Please contact us with the details for a price.

If you would like to find out more please contact us when you place your order and we will advise you of the additional charges involved.  Individual product packaging and labelling can only be agreed upon prior to the order being packed, so we need to know when the order is placed.  If the order has already been packed for dispatch individual product labelling may not always be possible.

  • Delivering to Multiple Delivery Locations

Amazon can sometimes ask customers to deliver to multiple delivery locations when completing the fulfilment information on the Amazon portal.  This is not a problem for us, as once you know this information we can split the shipment and deliver as per Amazon's requirements.  However, please note, that if this is required, each additional delivery address will incur a logistics administrative charge of €4.95 + VAT.   This is required to be paid before the goods can be shipped.

If you are interested in creating bespoke product bundles for Amazon please get in touch with our customer service team to discuss the options.

Getting Started

To work with Amazon Fulfilment you need to be signed up to their selling portal.

To order with Puckator you need to be signed up to our website which only takes a few seconds.  Click here to register.

Amazon & Bamboo Composite Food Contact Products

Amazon and eBay have taken the decision to remove any food contact products with a material composition of bamboo and melamine from their site, even though these products are fully tested. We no longer sell this range.

We do however stock 100% bamboo cutlery which is suitable for resale on Amazon and eBay as it is 100% bamboo and contains no composite materials.

I've over-ordered, do you accept returns?

The short answer is no, we do not offer sale-or-return on any orders, however, if you get in touch with our customer service team we can discuss if there is an alternative option such as getting the goods collected from Amazon and delivered to you so you can sell through another sales channel. 

Puckator Brand on Amazon

The products we sell are managed on Amazon through the EAN barcode.  At Puckator we are registered as a Brand Manager on Amazon and that helps us to control the content and images on Amazon, however individual customers can still upload our products via the barcode by selecting the brand Puckator during the listing process.  If you find products with incorrect information on Amazon please contact our customer service team.

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