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Ordering with Puckator is safe and straightforward, just see our online ordering guide below. We prefer not to take telephone orders, however if you have any questions that are not answered here, please get in touch with us.

If you order with our sales agents normally, you can still order online, just add a note to say you are an existing customer.  Of course you can always contact your sales agent directly - see contact details.

General Enquiries - +353 (0) 818 882 465


To access full product information including the prices, you'll need to register for FREE. Just give your name, email address and choose a password, and that's it! 


Once registered you can see all the product information including prices and stock levels, and you can now add products to your cart.  When you see a product you like you simply enter a quantity and hit ‘Add'. At the top of the page is a shopping cart quick view.

  • Currency - Far right in the green bar at the top of the page is a dropdown to choose your currency.
  • Multiple Items - Some items on our site can only be purchased in enforced multiples. This is either because of the way they are packaged, or to offer you the best variety. These products will have a number such as 12 or 24 in the quantity box and you will only be able to order in these multiples. If you enter a number that is not a multiple of the quantity it will automatically round it up to the next multiple. E.g. An item is only available in 12s, you enter 20, the basket will round it up to 24.

Review Your Basket

You will be able to checkout once you've reached our minimum order value in your cart.

Click the cart link at the top of your page and review your items, you can Go to Checkout to place your order, or go to View and Edit Cart to redeem coupons and change quantities.

  • Out of Stock Items - Our system saves your basket if you log out, so if something in your saved cart goes out of stock, the next time you log in it will be marked as *OUT OF STOCK* in your basket.  If you have an out of stock item in your basket it will NOT let you proceed to checkout.  Please remove the out of stock item and you will be able to continue.

Delivery Information

The next step is to choose your delivery address and method. If your delivery address is different to the primary one selected, you can change it.  Click '+ New Address' to add a new address, or select a different existing address from the dropdown list.

  • Delivery Method - The delivery methods depend on your location.  For Europe there will be a standard and priority shipping options based on location and order value. For the Rest of World locations there will be no price, this is because we need to get a quote from our courier depending on your order size.
    If you are a new customer we will contact you with an estimated delivery quote which you can then accept or decline. If you have ordered with us before, we will get the order packed and then let you know the total including shipping. If you would prefer us to contact you every time with a shipping quote please add a note in the comments box.
    All shipping prices are ex vat. For full delivery information see our Delivery & Shipping page.

Payment Information

Here you can enter your billing address if different from the delivery address. To change follow the same instructions as for delivery address.

  • Gift Vouchers/Discount Codes - If we are running a promotion or you have a code from an advert, type the code in the coupon box and hit redeem. It will then show a message at the top of the page saying “The coupon has been successfully applied”. If there is a problem please enter a note in the comments box at the bottom of the page and our customer service team will be in touch.


The next page is where you confirm the order, it shows you the products and quantities ordered, total including delivery and the invoice and delivery addresses.  PLEASE CHECK THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY.  We take the information on the order as correct, if you enter the wrong delivery address we do not know this so please double check all the information you have entered is correct.

If you need to change anything click the edit button beside the information.  When you are happy click 'confirm order'.  If you selected credit/debit card or Paypal you will now be directed to our secure payment system.  Please follow the instructions and make the payments.  Once the payment is completed you will be directed back to our site.  If you selected cheque/bank transfer you will be directed to the order finished page.

You will now receive an email confirmation of your order.  When the order is sent down to the warehouse or dispatched the status of the order is updated and you will receive an automated email detailing the status change.  If at any point you want to check the order or see the tracking number once dispatched just login and visit 'Your Account' section.

If you have any queries regarding placing an order please call us or email our Customer Services team at customerservices@puckator-wholesale.eu

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